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Complete Renovation/Remodeling

Bam Construction  is ​​a company specializing in interior and exterior renovation / Remodeling work . The firm offers services adapted to the needs and budget of each client. Bam Construction is ​​the guarantee of obtaining a modern, functional and personalized home or business premises.

Painting (interior & Exterior)

Our innovative painting system combines expert estimates, premium materials, special systems and professional paint crews that match the size of your project to impress our customers!

New Kitchen/ Remodeling & Refinishing

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets, backsplash, countertop, flooring, etc. can be a little intimidating at first. The variety of available materials is such that one may easily feel lost. Bam designers are trained to not only recommend the best kitchen cabinets and finishing products for any budget, but also to create unique designs. Below are a few examples of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials and products available.


The bathroom is the most intimate space in the home. It needs to be relaxing, yet invigorating. It can recreate the tranquility of a spa or become a child-friendly and safe environment. No matter its raison d’être, the bathroom must reflect well-being and be a private haven of peace.

It is possible to revive any outdated bathroom by combining colours, shapes, and materials to create an ideal space that every member of the family can easily use and appreciate. Vintage, spa, urban, or traditional styles are just a few examples of the possibilities available.


Are you thinking about undertaking a basement renovation?
Take advantage of the extensive experience of our helpful certified contractors and tradespeople specialized in basement renovations and masonry work. Renovations has the know-how to create functional basements that fit your home’s architectural style.



Transform your space with new flooring from The Bam Construction. Whether you are looking for carpet for the family room, vinyl plank flooring for the entryway, tile for the kitchen and bathroom or hardwood floors throughout the house – we have you covered with high quality flooring options for every room. Choose the latest on-trend flooring styles that are just right for your home and your budget.

& Many More...

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